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The Great British Bake Off

Episode: Quarter Final at

Time: Tuesday, October 08, 2013 – 03:00 pm

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Watch online The Great British Bake Off Quarter Final S4E8. This show will be aired on BBC Two at Monday, 16 August, 2010 05:00 PM. You must see this tv episode, so remember the aired date guys. Only 60 is running time of this episode. Starring Mary Berry, Mel Giedroyc, Paul Hollywood, Sue Perkins. It is the quarter final and there are just five bakers left. In the last seven weeks they have been tested on normal cakes, breads, pastries, pies and puddings so the judges are upping the ante. This week’s challenges test them on how they cope working with unconventional flours and unusual desserts which push their creativity to the max.

For the signature challenge, the bakers must make a loaf using non-traditional wheat flours, encouraged instead to use the rarer flours such as spelt, rye, potato or tapioca flours. Whilst the bakers get busy with their loaves, the programme explores the history of the National Loaf. This culinary creation was borne out of necessity during World War Two, when the Ministry of Food developed a flour to make imports go further and keep the nation healthy in times of rationing.

The technical round sees the bakers challenged to each make a dacquoise, made with three layers of fragile coiled meringue, sandwiched with coffee custard and topped with hazelnut praline, a dessert which also happens to be gluten free. For their final challenge, the bakers must push themselves out of their comfort zone to create showstopping novelty vegetable cakes – which must also be dairy free. The Great British Bake Off sees ten passionate home bakers take part in a bake-off to test every aspect of their baking skills as they battle to be crowned the Great British Bake Off’s best amateur baker. Each week the nationwide tour sees keen bakers put through three challenges in a particular discipline.

The competition kicks off with cake in the Cotswolds, then moves to Scotland to tackle biscuit baking, then Sandwich in Kent for bread, Bakewell in Derbyshire for puddings, Mousehole in Cornwall for the pastry challenges, and London for the grand final.

Judging the baking are renowned baking writer Mary Berry and professional baker Paul Hollywood; presenting the show are Mel Giedroyc and Sue Perkins, who trace the very particular history of British baking by visiting local baking landmarks and discovering why people bake what they bake today. Every series is very interesting to watch, so don’t forget to watch this tv show.

This is going to be an exciting show. Never miss it!

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